Pseudosperma clade, see Matheny, Mol. Phylogenet. Evol. 35: 1-20 (2005); Larsson et al. Persoonia 23: 86-98 (2009) (as section Rimosae s. str.)

Fruit bodies with indistinct, spermatic, or green corn odor, pileus radially rimose or rimulose, never squarrulose, rarely squamulose; pleurocystidia absent, cheilocystidia present and of subhymenial origin possibly as modified basidia; basidia lacking necropigment; spores smooth, hilar appendix inconspicuous, on average greater than 6.0 mm in width; if spores less than 6.0 mm in width on average, then flesh not rubescent. Near cosmopolitan but not yet recorded from the Nothofagus zone of South America.